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September 26 2020



Different from the previous 17 Ceremonies, this year, the 18th Lawrence S. Ting Scholarship Awards and Donation Presentation of 2021 was organized online in order to ensure that everyone can still gather for this event under the restriction from Covid-19 situation.

In the morning of September 26th, 2020, "The 18th Lawrence S. Ting Scholarship Awards and Donation Presentation of 2021" was organized at Lawrence S. Ting building in District 7 by Lawrence S. Ting Foundation, in cooperation with Phu My Hung Development Co., Ltd. The main theme for the Ceremony this year is “Let Us Come To You”, expressing that despite the affects from the Covid-19 pandemic, many of our donors maintain stronger commitment to step further to support people in need in Vietnam.

This year, in order to comply with Government’ regulations of restricting big gatherings, the Award Ceremony cannot be organized as usual. Therefore, Lawrence S. Ting Foundation, Phu My Hung Corporation and different donor companies had gone to different universities to present scholarships to students. To sum-up the whole journey, later on, "The 18th Lawrence S. Ting Scholarship Awards and Donation Presentation of 2021" was organized in a small-scale physical event, meanwhile, livestream to ensure more people could join virtually for this meaningful event.

There were over 230 direct scholarships distributed to high-school and university students nationwide for school-year 2020-2021, with the total amount of over 2.8 billion VND. In addition, indirect scholarships which worth more than VND 5.7 billion were handed over to Charity Funds, Organizations and Study Encouragement Associations in 63 cities and provinces nationwide.

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From Taipei, Mr. Albert Ting - Member, Management Board of Lawrence S. Ting Foundation – sent his warm greetings and remarks to all participants who gathered at the event as well as people who were participating virtually. He also expressed his gratefulness to the support and assistance of Vietnam Government, friends and colleagues to Lawrence S. Ting Foundation in the past 15 years. He hopes that the foundation, along with its scholarship recipients will contribute to the development of the country in the coming time.

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Speaking at the Ceremony, Madam To Thi Bich Chau - Chairwoman of Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in Ho Chi Minh City shared that: “Today, we are here to continue awarding scholarships under new normal conditions, combined with the online form. It is the recognition for students' continuous efforts to overcome difficulties as well as the efforts of businesses, although in their difficult conditions, to maintain the scholarships for students.

Students, what Lawrence S. Ting Foundation awards you are not only scholarships; they are encouragements, beliefs and faiths given to you and your future. Hopefully, with that precious gift, you will become people of value; not only to yourself, your family but also to the society and later on will spread this spirit to other generations.”

Mr. Phan Chanh Duong - Director of Lawrence S. Ting Foundation, said that the foundation had met and listened to a lot of students’ stories and sharing, to understand their difficulties as well as how their families were hit by the pandemic. Those people and stories urged the foundation to look for more ways to help and encourage students to have more motivation in life so that they can overcome difficulties to develop themselves and hope that in the future, they can help back the community.

Representing more than 230 students who received 2020-2021 Lawrence S. Ting scholarships, Nguyen Tran Thao Trang - student of International Relations Faculty, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Hochiminh city feels very proud and grateful. Our scholarships are not only a timely support for students to have a stable material foundation, but also an invaluable source of spiritual encouragement, a driving force for them to have more energy and confidence to overcome difficulties to follow their dreams and ambitions.

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Up to now, through 18 Scholarship Ceremonies, Lawrence S. Ting Foundation and Phu My Hung Development Co., Ltd. have awarded more than 117,000 scholarships, with a total value of nearly 125 billion VND to disadvantaged students with outstanding academic performance across Vietnam.

The online Ceremony has attracted nearly 58 thousand views (updated on Oct 9th) on Youtube. Lawrence S. Ting Foundation takes this as an opportunity to not only engage the participation of Lawrence S. Ting scholarship recipients and schools nationwide but also to gather a wider target audience, both national and internationally, to this significant event.

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