Background & Objective

In 2006, Information Technology learning in Vietnam was still taught through textbooks without computer facilities for students to gain hands-on experience and practice. Due to this poor learning environment, students were not inspired to commit themselves to IT. Our foundation is committed to narrow this gap in digital learning and cooperated with the Information Technology Bureau of the Ministry of Education and Training to implement this Moving Forward With IT program (2006-2017) to improve the learning environment and teaching cogitation.


Our Approach

The program is divided into three phases with support for both hardware and software which is designed for the program’s sustainability.

Phase 1: IT facilities donation (including computers, projectors, network related equipment, etc.)

Phase 2: Capacity building for teachers in the management of computer equipment and maintenance.

Phase 3: Training material development for e-Learning.


Program Results

  • 122 computer classrooms have been set up for 96 high schools in 63 cities and provinces. In total, 2,994 computer sets have been donated with lump sum around USD 2,233,988.
  • Together with the technical support from the Institute for Information Industry (training provision), training workshops have been held in the north, central and south of Vietnam. A total number of 163 teachers have been trained in the use and management of computer equipment with support around USD 71,270.
  • Four national e-Learning design competitions were organized. Teachers were motivated to design more lively teaching materials in different subjects (such as: geography and history) while creating an atmosphere of mutual learning among teachers. 46,000 teachers have shared their designed training materials and experiences through the Internet. Our support amounted to around USD 415,171.
  • In total, 724,548 teachers and students have benefited from this program with the lump sum of our support around USD 2,742,081. The impact is continuously spread across the entire country.