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December 15 2023


One Place One Story



Program blue  Bring English To Everybody!

One Place One Story (OPOS) is a summer camp program organized annually by Lawrence S. Ting Foundation (LSTF) in collaboration with local Vietnamese authorities. Each year, OPOS selects a new location within Vietnam to offer underprivileged students the opportunity to enhance their English communication skills and develop essential soft skills.

Objective blue  Objective

As Vietnam embraces globalization and integrates further into the global stage, it opens a multitude of opportunities for cultural exchange, economic growth, and national promotion. OPOS aims to support students in many provinces to enhance their English communication skills, foster valuable soft skills, equip students with the tools to express the unique beauty of their own cultures in English, fostering awareness and social responsibility.  

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Campers study in their classroom.

Picture1.pngSummer Camp in 2023

In 2023, OPOS partnered with Saigon South International School (SSIS) and Lawrence S. Ting School (LSTS) to conduct its summer camp in Soc Trang, a culturally vibrant province nestled in the Mekong Delta region of Vietnam. Soc Trang boasts a diverse population of Kinh, Khmer, and Hoa communities, fostering a rich tapestry of cultural heritage and traditional festivals.

90 disadvantaged middle school students from four junior high schools in Soc Trang Province, Vietnam, participated in a summer camp. The camp was organized by the Lawrence S. Ting School (LSTS) and the Saigon South International School (SSIS). The students, who were in grades 6 and 7, were taught and mentored by 40 volunteer students from the two schools. During the 10-day camp, the students had the opportunity to practice English communication and teamwork, develop leadership skills, and learn other soft skills.

z5125800453063 0aabc60bd2e38cb32929a53be6edda8dCampers and Volunteers visit the Pagoda.

In addition to the classes, campers can also explore the beauty of local culture through experiential learning trips to the traditional Khmer culture at Kh'leang Pagoda, Som Rong Pagoda and Tan Hue Vien - Pia Cake Factory.

Luu Minh Hao - student from class D, Ly Thuong Kiet School shared that: "Summer camp is wonderful! I had a lot of fun here. The most memorable memory I have at the summer camp is the visit to the Tan Hue Vien - Pia Cake Factory. I got to taste many different kinds of Pia cakes and want to introduce Soc Trang cuisine to more people."

The closing event of the summer camp, called "Storytelling event" - "Tell your story", aims to provide a simulated stage for campers and volunteers to freely create and present about the topics they have learned and experienced in the past 10 days. The campers took turns sharing about four different topics, using the vocabulary they have learned and practiced during their time at the summer camp.

This event really stands out as a special highlight of the camp, promising to bring many interesting experiences to all participating students.


In the future, OPOS summer camp will continue to be organized at other localities in Vietnam, bringing its transformative English-language learning experience to students from disadvantaged backgrounds across Vietnam. Lawrence S. Ting Foundation believes that improving English skills will open the door to knowledge and shape a brighter future for the students.

z5125800542428 325e39aa255935f89c39616158f4718fVolunteers from SSIS and LSTS.