Over the past several decades, the healthcare system in Vietnam has been improved and developed at all levels from the central to local. According to the General Report of the Health Sector in 2016, many hospitals have been completed locally and are now operational such as Bac Kan General Hospital with 500 patient beds and Soc Trang General Hospital with 700 patient beds. Despite this, according to this same report, “there are still some issues that need to be solved in order to improve the availability of healthcare services”.


Our Approach

To support the improvement of these services, our foundation has continuously partnered with private and public institutions in addition to other NGOs/NPOs (Non-Government Organisations /Non-Profit Organisations). To help address the availability of healthcare services, we have partnered with MedShare, a non-profit organization in the United States, to donate medical supplies to healthcare facilities in Vietnam. Since 2011, together with MedShare we have contributed eight shipping containers worth of brand new consumable medical supply items to 39 healthcare centres and hospitals in 11 provinces and cities in southern Vietnam equivalent to USD 1.81 million.


The following is shared by a nurse at the General Hospital in Kon Tum Province in 2018: “Crutches donated by the MedShare Organisation and the Lawrence S. Ting Foundation are much better than the wooden ones which we have used in the past.” Moreover, in 2018, the Health Center in Tra On District in Vinh Long Province received 400 packages of medical equipment from our foundation. "These items are meaningful and very practical for patients and staff in our health center to use.", the representatives of the Center said.


We are hopeful that each round of medical supply distribution has supported healthcare facilities in need and has strengthened the quality of their services. This is our part in contributing to both the surrounding community’s development and their people’s well-beings. We will continue to collaborate with MedShare and partner with other organizations to spread this positive impacts on more regions of Vietnam.