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March 31 2020



My name is Nguyễn Anh Tuấn, a volunteer at SSEC English camp in 2017 & 2018. I would like to send my comments on the camp. To be honest, Saigon South English Camp (SSEC) was like a miracle to me. When I was a freshman, I did not think of participating in any social activities but just studying and that's all. That was definitely a pity because I did not have a chance to learn soft skills and realise how important social activities were in my life. Fortunately, since I was chosen for Lawrence S. Ting Scholarship, I finally found out SSEC.

Detail NewsAt first, I decided to join just because I wanted a certification for my upcoming application for next year's scholarship. However, this camp turned out to be the best memory I've ever experienced. Through SSEC, I had a chance to learn so many skills. For example, with the help of many experienced teachers and aunties, I was able to realise how to organize and manage classes for campers. I also helped the staffs many tasks like delivering milk for campers, checking the attendance every day, managing lunch meal quantity, even minor stuffs like cleaning the rooms, carrying heavy things, and so on. Through many activities like that, I learned so many skills that can definitely help me succeed in my future, not just sitting in a place and learn through books. I realised that lessons learned through social activities were really important and helpful, especially when you leave school and apply for a job. You cannot just learn lessons through books without applying them to our real life. Therefore, in my opinion, it is crucial that we should spend our free time participating in voluntary work. That's the lesson that SSEC taught me.

It was my pleasure to join in SSEC 2 years as a full-time volunteer already (and 1 more year as part-time since I was busy doing tasks at work that year). I still want to take part in this camp in the future and still want to help the teachers and aunties create a camp for many children to teach them English and make it the best camp they've ever participated in.