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June 04 2023


Who is the most important person when an accident occurs?

Let's try to figure the answer, shall we? Are you thinking to yourself that in an accident, the most important person should be the one in need of help, or the victim themselves? That is not the correct answer! It's strange, isn't it? This is actually the question we received during a first aid training session organized by Survival Skills Vietnam (SSVN) at the end of May.

PXL 20230525 074050579The training session was very interesting and exciting  where we had an opportunity to practice some essential first aid skills such as handling unconscious people, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), drowning...  Through the training, we realised and truly acknowledge the importance of the first aid skills, which need to be equipped and taught to students from an early age. Therefore, in the near future, we - Lawrence S. Ting Foundation (LSTF) will be implementing a project to provide instructions and training sessions of some basic first aid skills for children.

PXL 20230525 074050579

PXL 20230525 074050579So, can you guess what the correct answer to the question above is? The most important person is the one making the decision to give first aid to the victim or the person who are in need of support.

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